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Putting Children First

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Examples of exceptional circumstances


Below are a few examples of where exceptional circumstances may be considered. These are unique to each family, decided following our procedures.

Decisions must not be discussed or shared. Failure to adhere to confidentiality may result in decisions being voided at governor level. Examples are: (not exhaustive list)


  • When a family needs to spend time together because of an immediate family members bereavement, crisis or serious illness
  • Funeral of parent, grandparent or sibling
  • Transport was not provided by the LA when it should have been
  • Children of service personnel about to go on deployment
  • Absence could be authorised for a wedding of an immediate family member and the invitation has been provided as evidence.
  • One off sporting events/performing arts competitions
  • One day of absence could be authorised for an immediate family members graduation ceremony/passing out parade.
  • Operations which require recovery time
  • Holiday request for child on SEN register with complex needs who may require a quieter time away.
  • Break requests for children under social care involvement or those who are looked after or previously looked after
  • Religious observance