Lees Primary School

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 Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to our Nursery Class!  We all hope that you are very excited to begin your adventures at Lees Primary School. 

Summer 1

How many different fruits or vegetables can you name?

Meeting the ducklings!

Making carrot soup.

We have been planting carrots, peas and broad beans!

Celebrating The Coronation.

Working together to create a red, white and blue banner for the parade and a picnic with our buddies!

We had fun bubble painting to create a fruity frothy milkshake for our display in Nursery!

We made and ate fruit salad just like Oliver in the story Oliver's fruit salad!

Larry and Barry came to visit Nursery!

Spring 2


Cleaning up after the Easter Bunny!

We had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny!

Thank you to Mrs Hart who brought in her instruments for us to listen to.

Celebrating World Book Day!

Spring 1.

Which farm animals can you name?

Can you name their young?


Mixing our own colours.

Building farms.

Retelling farm stories!

Driving the tractor to take the animals to the farm!

Autumn 2.

We will be exploring colour and colour mixing.

How many colours can you name? Do you have a favourite colour?

Thank you to FoLees for the bird seed.

We had fun making bird feeders with our buddies!

Exploring and mixing colours!

Acting out the story of Duckie's Rainbow.

Creating rainbows using our hands, fingers and feet for painting.

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

Autumn 1.

We will be learning lots of new rhymes.

How many do you already know?

It has been a busy few weeks making friends and learning new things.

Baking buns.

Exploring paint!

Teddy Bears Picnic

 We’ve had a wonderful time at the Teddy Bears Picnic. It was lovely to meet all our Nursery families and everyone enjoyed the Teddy Bear fun! 

A super way to end the term meeting our Buddies!