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 Welcome to the Reception Class page where you can keep up to date with all the super learning that is going on in our classroom.

In Reception, the class teacher is Mrs Harker.

Our Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Hart and Miss Walker.

In Reception we always wear our SCARF!

just like Harold...


Spring 1 - The Adventures of Space Dog!

This half term children in Reception have been following the adventures of Space Dog.  We learnt about Laika, the first dog in space, and though about why people first wanted to explore space.  We are also learning lots of new things from Paxi, our alien friend from the International Space Station.

Children have been doing lots of writing, inventing their own alien characters and writing stories about them.  They have made story maps to help them remember the Space Dog story and have been learning to act it out using Makaton signs.  They have also been very creative, using lots of different materials to create aliens and drawings of the planets.  We have been fine-tuning our listening and computational thinking skills, through drawing tutorials.  In maths, we have learnt how to use a part, part, whole model to add numbers together.  Children have been finding out how to identify odd and even amounts and make doubles up to 10. We have also been comparing objects by size and weight and thinking about capacity. 

In PE children have been enjoying doing gymnastics, working on their jumping, balancing and turning skills.  They have been extending their learning by building their own obstacle courses in the outdoor classroom.


Lunar New Year Celebrations - 2024 Year of the Dragon

Children in Reception have learnt about how people across the world celebrate Lunar New Year.  We enjoyed our own festivities with special lanterns, sharing food and taking part in lion dancing.

Wear Your SCARF to School Day!

We have celebrated with Harold in style and the children in Reception have been thinking about what it means to be a good friend.  They shared their ideas with Harold and thanked their class-mates for being great friends.  Check out our lovely drawings of our special friends.

Art Day - Textiles

The children enjoyed a lovely art day this half term and Reception class experimented with different ways of dyeing fabric.

Autumn 2 - Light and Dark

Throughout Autumn 2, Reception Class will be thinking about light and dark.  Where does light come from?  What happens when it gets dark?

We will be learning about nocturnal animals, in particular owls.  We will begin our learning by exploring Owl Babies and welcoming some very special feathery visitors.

Children in Reception will be introduced to the Hindu Festival of Lights, Diwali.  They will also take part in the school's Nativity play as well as other Christmas celebrations.

Observational Drawing - Owls

In summary to our learning for Black History Month the children looked at the book ‘My Hair’.  They have been thinking a lot about all the wonderful things that make them unique and how to respect and celebrate the things that are different about other people.  The children looked closely at their hair and thought of positive ways to describe their hair and other people’s hair.  The children loved the mantra – ‘My hair is my crown and I am fabulous’.

Autumn 1

Our First Week - Meeting Harold, learning to wear our SCARF.

The Gingerbread Man

A Gingerbread Mystery - SOLVED!

Reception class have been wondering why the Gingerbread Man was so worried about going in the river!? 

We investigated to find out what happens to biscuits when they get wet and sound out they go very soggy and eventually start to dissolve!

A Hunt for the Gingerbread Men

Our friends from Oldfield Primary came to visit and we baked some gingerbread men.  We went out to play while they cooled down but when we came back they had all run away!

We worked together to follow some clues the sneaky gingerbread men had left behind.

Our SCARF Workshop with Harold - Happy, Healthy Me!

We learnt about:

  • How physical activity helps us to stay healthy; and ways to be physically active every day.
  • Importance of sleep and different ways to rest and relax.
  • Simple hygiene routines that can help stop germs from spreading.
  • How to brush teeth correctly.
  • Things that help us feel good.

Harvest Celebrations

Have a look at our beautiful harvest art work.

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