Lees Primary School

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Reading challenges



Dear Parents and guardians,


In order to encourage our children to read at home, we have put together a series of different
challenges. Some of these challenges will be able to be able to be done independently, whereas
others may need a little support from you.


For Key Stage 1, each child will bring home a bingo style reading challenge each month. There are
nine different challenges for your child to try to complete. Some of these are reading different styles
of text; others are reading together; while some are more practical activities linked to reading.


Key Stage 2 will each be given a set of 40 different reading challenges that they can complete
throughout the year. Similar to Key Stage 1, these are accessible for all abilities and have been
designed for children to find a love of reading by trying different styles of text. For every 10
challenges a child completes, they will receive a certificate.


There is no obligation for these challenges to be completed, however there will be certificates and
rewards for those who do. Please send any photos of your children completing their challenges into
the office (via email) which can then be sent on to the class teacher.


We hope you enjoy reading and completing these challenges with your children.


Happy reading