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School Meal Menu

September 2021- We are delighted to announce that we have a new Lunchtime provider (Midshire Signature Services).  All the Primary Schools within the Bronte Academy Trust now have delicious meals cooked by Midshire Signature Services, as they provide fresh food from quality ingredients.  Their menus include meals made from scratch upon Lees premises.


Midshire ensures that our school meals are nutritionally balanced, creative and appealing to our children at Lees, meeting all the requirements of the Department of Education School Food Standards.  Midshire ensures that the individual needs of children are met through medical dietary requirements and they are working in partnership with Lees Primary to encourage pupils to eat healthily through learning initiatives and to provide a range of modules designed to help them to understand food, nutrition and what this means to our bodies (via The Positives).

Online Payment System

Children in Years Reception - Year 2 all receive free school meals so the information below applies to Years 3 to 6 only.

School meals are currently charged at £1.90 a day/ £9.50 a week.

Payment for meals can be made online using the ParentPay system - please note that ParentPay is for payment of School Meals only, do not use Teachers2Parents which is for payment of Class Visits and Clubs.

Letters giving details of how to create an account with logon details for each child have been sent home to parents.  Once an account has been created, payments can be made and parents can track the balance.  If your child receives free school meals, you can still create an account so it is there should your circumstances change.