Lees Primary School

Putting Children First

Part of Bronte Academy Trust

Staff List 2023

Senior Leadership Team 


Executive Headteacher (With Oldfield) 


              Executive Deputy Headteacher (With Oldfield)

Assistant Headteacher (With Oldfield)

             Acting Assistant Head (With Oldfield)

Mr A Firth
Mr J K-Travers- Named Person



Mrs C Million-Hicks - Named Person 

Mrs A Sharrock - Named Person /SENDCO 

Mrs L Harker. Named Person 

             Senior Leader (Early Years and Phonics Leader) 

             Senior Leader (Maths and History) 

Mrs. K Spargo 

Ms. Muldowney 

Mrs K Spargo - Senior Leader. Named Person 
Mrs L Harker- Senior Leader. Named Person 
Year 1
Miss Myers 
Year 2
Ms A Ward 
Year 3
Miss Khan 
Year 4
Ms. Muldowney- Senior Leader 
Year 5
Mrs Tillotson 
Year 6
Mrs George - Leader 
Additional Teachers
Miss G Grayston/ Mr Townsend/Mrs Clay  



Learning Support Assistants
Miss R Bradley
Mrs A Firth
Mrs W Goldthorp
Mrs Y Greenwood
Mrs J Haigh
Mrs J Halliday
Mrs K Hart
Ms J Mackie
Mrs E Olsson
Mrs S Simkins
Mrs T Thornber
Miss N Walker

Mrs H Marshall 

Mrs. C Lindtoff 

Mrs. F Naz 


Business Manager
Ms L Kelly
Office Administrator
Miss L Megson
Parental Involvement
Dr. Tamsin Heys- Named Person 
Breakfast and After School Club Staff



Ms. J Mackie/Mr. M Brearley/Dr Heys/Mrs. J Gilson/Mrs. C Lindtoff 


Mr. G Cunningham
Mrs. A Sharpe


Kitchen Unit Manager
Mrs L Hodgson