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Pupil Premium

What Pupil Premium (PP) means?

All children at Lees Primary school  who are currently on Free School Meals (FSM) or have at some time been on FSM will be registered on the Department for Education (DfE) on the Ever 6 list, in order to distribute additional funding to schools in the form of PP.  Government statistics show children on the Ever 6 register frequently have lower educational attainment than those that have never been eligible, so they introduced the PP in an aim to close this gap.

This funding drastically improves what we can offer our families both in education and family support.  We pride ourselves in having the ability to provide additional support for children where needed in the form of grants for uniform, visits and additional resources in classes including one to one interventions and also for supporting the physical, social and health needs of pupils and their families where possible.

Pupil Premium 2023-24 Information Detailed Below.