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Monday 29th April 2019 

 What a fabulous day we have had! Children have come into school wearing the most wonderful, creative Mayan headdress that they had made during the Easter Holidays.

A big thank you to all the children and the parents for supporting your child to make such amazing headdresses. 

We started the day off by using our orienteering skills to discover the yummy chocolate treasure secretly hidden in the school field. Did you know the Mayans discovered the cocoa bean which makes chocolate? 

We then looked at how Mayans wrote numbers and had a great fun trying to write different numbers using the Mayan number writing system. 

In the afternoon we found out the Mayans were great architects so we worked in small groups to create our own Mayan temples. 


Year Three have found out that the Vikings were talented craftsmen.

We have design and created our own Viking inspired Viking crafts. 

 Class Visits and Events


Y4 (current Y3) Residential visit to Ingleborough Hall, 2019

Please note the dates for this visit have been changed to

Monday 21 October - Wednesday 23 October 2019

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