Year 2

Our visit to the National Coal Mining museum!


What an absolutely amazing day we had!  We learnt lots about people's homes looked not that long ago!  We will be doing some work on this in school.  We went down underground in to the mine too - 140m down, which was a little bit scary for some of us but we still did it, and we learnt about what the mines were like.  Many parts of Yorkshire grew around the mining villages.  We also had loads of fun in the playground too!  Year 2 were fantastic and were a fabulous advert for our school.

Yorkshire Day 29th April 2019

We've had a great day thinking about all things Yorkshire!!  We started by designing our own flat caps and finding out lots of Yorkshire sayings - such as 'ow do,  be reight,  off to chippy, put wood int'ole, bonny lass,  stop faffing around, pack it in and many more!!! Then we had a Yorkshire feast - we made Yorkshire puddings from scratch and ate lots of lovely foods that come from Yorkshire - like Seabrooks' crisps , party rings, jelly babies and KitKats!!!  We finished off by having some fun in the Yorkshire sun too!









Year 2 Outdoor Learning November 2018..

We have had fun having our own Great Fire of London with Mr Rocks and cooking round the campfire!  It was very cold but we enjoyed it!

Fire Engine Visit

Year 2 had a visit from the fire engine on 16th November to link with our topic on The Great Fire of London. We found out lots about the equipment on the fire engine.

Class Visits




Current Year 2 - Year 3 Residential Visit to Nell Bank, Ilkley, October 2019

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